Projects - Warehouse & Factories

Gulf Biotech

Location: BIIP

Gulf Biotech @ BIIP

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GLS Warehouses

Location: BLZ

State-of-the-art warehouse facilities have been provided in this complex. Cost of project: BD 1.0 million

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lllium Factory

Location: Bahrain Interna­tional Investment Part

This factory is located in Bahrain International Investment Part, the approximate area of the factory is 7,500 sq metre. It has a modern outlook and amenities required, with offices located on the mezzanine floor. Cost of project: BD 2.4 million

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Kawalani Showroom & Warehouses

Location: Bahrain Investment Wharf

The new developments situated in Bahrain Investment Wharf, Bahrain's new industrial hub. The development consists of showrooms, warehouses and the warehouses for rental purposes and offices spaces Cost of project: BD 2.0 million

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Wael Pharmacy

Location: Bahrain Investment Wharf

Pharmacy warehouse and office construction going on at Bahrain Investment Wharf.

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Labour Accommodation & Warehouses

Location: Tubli

Warehouse and staff accommodation complex is a one of its kind facility in this particular area. Approximately 1500 labourers can be accommodated in this complex. Various kind of activities can take place in this complex such as warehouses, light industrial workshops, showroom etc. Cost of project: BD 4.50 million

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Intercol Climate Controlled Warehouse

Location: Mina Salman

Situated in Mina Salman area is intercol's Gulf Warehousing & Distribution Centre with most advanced technology in mass storage and equipped with isle pallet racking system with climatic controlled storage sections ranging from frozen zone to normal room temperature zone under one roof. The structure comprises of pre engineered steel portal frame supports and steel sheet roofing and wall cladding.

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