Projects - Mosque

Awali Mosque

Location: Awali

A proposed Mosque in Awali. The design is a magnificent reflection of Bahraini Vernacular Architecture with beautifully integrated Islamic design elements. This mosque provides classrooms along with male and female prayer rooms. A unique and monumental dome, with glass skylights, allows natural light to illuminate the interior space of the mosque. At night the form of the mosque is accentuated with LED lighting allowing the mosque to emit a soft “glow”.

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Ali Kanoo Mosque

Location: Hidd

A proposed Mosque situated in North East Muharraq. This monumental structure is a true reflection of Vernacular Bahraini Architecture, portraying beautiful, traditional Islamic elements of Design.

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Proposed Mosque at Hamad Town

Location: Hamad Town

The proposal was done for The Amiri Court in 2004

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Location: Safriya

A magnificent structure dominated beautifully by Islamic elements. The main prayer hall is rectangular in plan with cube shaped projections at specific nodes. The corridor is enhanced by custom designed chandeliers and imaginative lighting, which create an impressive visual effect, especially at night.

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